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Flue Gas Reaction Rate

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#1 shvet1


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Posted 05 May 2020 - 01:27 AM

Hello, forum
I have operating parameters for a real SO2/SO3 convertor. I have to estimate catalyst volume for similar SO2/SO3 converter having other flue gas composition and ~ the same pressure and temperature. Reaction is SO2+0.5O2=SO3.
If I will assume that catalyst activity is the same and neglect difference of other parameters then I can estimate residence time (t) and catalyst volume required (V) for a new reactor based on partial pressure of components ([X]) and catalyst volume of a real reactor:
V1    t1    [SO3]/[SO2]*[O2]^0.5
--- = --- = -------------------
V2    t2    [SO3]/[SO2]*[O2]^0.5
Am I right? Or % of SO2 conversion is the only factor affects catalyst volume. Please correct me.


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