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Chlorine Processing/treatment

chlor-alkali chlorine simulation aspen plus hysys

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#1 asif96


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Posted 15 December 2020 - 06:26 AM

Dear members.



Currently I am trying to simulate the chlorine processing/treatment process via the Aspen Hysys. However, I am facing with some difficulties and have some questions, such as :


  • Which fluid package I have to refer in simulation?. during the internet search i found that the NRTL should be suitable for use, but it didn't worked in my case. as the program mentions that Cl2 component is not recommended for NRTL property package. 
  • For selection of the inlet to process, I referred to the content in following link: https://www.cheresou...-packed-column/ - I am also not sure about the content of the input stream. could you please advise in this regard, From which substances my inlet stream shall be comprised of?

Generally what do you think it is possible to simulate this process via Hysys or I have to refer to other simulation software such as aspen plus or something other?


Thanks beforehand 

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