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Hysys Packed Tower Design/sizing (Hetp)

hysys packed column packed tower hetp packing

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#1 Lolita21


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Posted 11 October 2021 - 04:33 PM

Hello, i'm doing a project at university and I have to design a packed column. It's the TEG regenerator from the glycol dehydration unit, which is included in the gas dehydration system.

I've already determined all the process parameters but now I have to define the size of the column. 

At first I started using the tool "Equipment design - Tray sizing" from Hysys V8.8 to obtain an estimate for the diamater and then use the KG tower software. From KG tower i got a diameter, but i couldn't get the HETP neither from KG nor hysys.


I define the packing type in hysys, but i have to define the HETP too, which is what i want to get from the software.


In addition, the software shows the following 2 warnings:


"Section_1 - X is out of range for the SLE correlation"

"Section_1 - Pressure drop is out of range for the SLE correlation"


I've tried to get rid of them, changinf de pressure drop/m but nothing happened. 

X is defined as the Sectional Area [m2], which depends on the section diameter, which I didn't define.


I'm using the mode:design, not rating


I've also selected different correlations, instead of SLE, but there's always a problem with the pressure drop.


Thank you in advance



#2 Pilesar


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Posted 12 October 2021 - 07:29 AM

You don't give a lot of clues as to what you are distilling and at what conditions. I don't use Hysys, but in general, software warnings are not the same as errors. It may be that you have not made mistakes and really do have conditions that are outside the comfort zone of the software correlations. Since you are a student and don't have much experience with simulators, keep looking for a mistake you might have made in the input. One common mistake is in the units of measure. Are you certain that the pressure and pressure drop you are specifying is realistic? Did you confuse gauge pressure with absolute pressure? It can be extremely difficult to find your own mistakes. Someone else looking at your simulation might spot a problem with the input immediately and it may save you much time to have an in-person reviewer.

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