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Level Measurement

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#1 Kumuda


    Brand New Member

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Posted 14 January 2022 - 03:41 AM

There is a storage tank(11S02) from which we pump fluid into the reactor. There's another big storage tank(11S01) from which the reactant comes into 11S02.If I want to automate the process of the filling of 11S02 using 11S01, what are the equipment that I have to use?


I'm thinking of putting a differential pressure transmitter in 11S02. Kindly suggest your ideas. Thanks in advance

#2 breizh


    Gold Member

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Posted 14 January 2022 - 05:07 AM


Can you supply a sketch or simple PFD for us to understand ?



#3 latexman


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Posted 14 January 2022 - 08:43 AM

And, is 11SO2 a day tank (continuous process) or a batch tank (batch/semi-batch process)?

#4 breizh


    Gold Member

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Posted 15 January 2022 - 12:34 AM


Still waiting for your sketch .

Do you need a continuous measurement ? if yes you can add alarm to it .   Normally you need to install safety guards to prevent overfill of the tank and cavitation of the pump feeding your reactor .


LT could be any technology , just a matter of cost . I like to use radar technology for storage tank , DP is fine. 

LSL and LSH could be forks (vibrating level switch) to actuate pump and On/Off valve . 


Consider the document attached for better understanding .


Hope this is helping you .


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