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Modeling Fractionation & Crystallization

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#1 waheed2020


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Posted 04 October 2022 - 02:39 AM

HI all,


I need to model fractionation and crystallization.


My questions are:



For the oil characterization,  I have ASTM D86 setup, ASTM D5236, and a vacuum column with reflux and 8 theoretical plates. The ASTM D86 curve is not complete and ends at around 360 deg C. For the other two, I couldn't find options to put curves in Aspen plus for modeling.


In the experiment, I get some clogging due to the formation of benzoic acid around 120 deg C vapor temperature, which I removed by operating the condenser at a high temperature. To remove benzoic acid from the oil cuts, I need to model the crystallizer. How can I incorporate benzoic acid in the boiling curve to model the crystallizer after the fractionation column? 


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