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Co2 Structured Packing Absorber

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#1 cheowei


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Posted 22 February 2007 - 08:02 AM

Currently, i m doing my final year project on desiging an absorber for CO2 absorption ( inside a ethylene plant). I have done some reading and specially interested in structured packed column. However, the information available for structured packed column is very little. Since i will be using blends of MDEA-DEA, i want to design it by involve chemical reaction. I have refer to several books like Coulson & Richarson, but no example with structured or chemical reaction is mentioned.

I have some question on my mind:
1) is that structured packed column is not common or flavor at all in industry? because available correlation is very few.

2) i have found some correlation for structured packed column like for effective interfacial area, and mass transfer coefficient ( such as Fair & Bravo correlation?), can i cooperate these correlation into the method i found in C&Richarson, that in the example is applied to randon packing?

3)First, i have to get equilibrium data for calculating NOG (number of stage). I can only obtain the co2 partial pressure data VS Co2 Loading. I don't see any point i can use the method in C&Richarson Volume 6. Should i use the intergration of partial pressure from p1 to p2 (C&R, volume 6,pg 595, equation 11.104 if u have it). Do you have any recommended book for multi component absorption?

4) I have found some theory on absorption with chemical reaction, but it's all the diffusion concept. I didnt manage to find out a way to incorporate the theory inside to the freely -dissolved gas example ( the only example i got) i found. So what should i do? However the equilibrium data i hv is with chemical reaction for the co2 loading data.

5)I dont have the experiment specification (gas& liquid flow rate...) for the Partial Pressure VS CO2 loading data i get,so is it possible to convert it to equilibrium data?
Thanks for your kindness on viewing my problem statement. Your reply will be very much appreciate (since i am bottle-necked now...)


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Posted 08 October 2009 - 07:50 AM

Hi I am doing my final project now on a similar topic however I am absorbing H2S and CO2 and have to design the packed column. I have equilibrium data for both chemicals being absorbed. I have found a method for calculating number of theoretical stages using the slope of the vle data but since I have 2 absorbates I am not sure how to modify this. How did your project end up and can you provide any tips?
Thanks, Jimmy

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