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Loading Flow Rates For Road Tankers Containing White Oil Products

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 18 September 2010 - * * * * * · 9,419 views
loading, flow, rates, tankers and 4 more...
Dear fellow chemical engineers,

A friend of mine forwarded me a copy of an industrial incident of a storage tank explosion at Glenpool, Oklahoma which describes the danger of static electricity in the petroleum industry. After going through the report I felt the need to do some more searching of the subject. One aspect of static electricity build up is in...


Petroleum Technology Part 2 - The Composition Of Petroleum

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 17 September 2010 - * * * * * · 3,305 views
petroleum, composition, part, two
Petroleum and its products have been an integral part of mankind since long. For a historical perspective of petroleum readers are referred to the following link:


However, the research on composition of petroleum was taken up in earnest only in...


Polymer Melt Flow Through Piping

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 12 September 2010 - - - - - - · 4,599 views

A long part of my career was spent in polymer production, specifically Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). In the initial years (circa. 1986) when I was working as an Operations Engineer, the technology in India was still pre-dominantly batch production. Some of the technologies for PET batch production were 'ICI' and 'Monsanto'. Today these...


Petroleum Technology Part I - Terminology & Classification Of Petroleum

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 05 September 2010 - * * * * * · 4,014 views
petroleum, terminology and 1 more...
Quite some time back (about 6 years back) I had done some write-up using known references for Petroleum technology. The blog on petroleum glossary was just one part of it. Fossil fuels (specially petroleum) will continue to play a major part in the lives of man-kind for another century or so until we run out of these resources to the extent of economical...


Petroleum Glossary

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 28 August 2010 - * - - - - · 2,889 views
petroleum, glossary
Many times we look forward to meanings and definitions for petroleum production and processing related terms. Quite some time back I had compiled my own little glossary of petroleum terms with the best available resources and here is what I came up with:

Aniline Point
: It is defined as the temperature of a binary liquid solution at which equal parts...


The Lighter Side Of Engineering - Engineering Humor

Posted by ankur2061 , in Humor 22 August 2010 - * * * * * · 3,924 views
humor, lighter, side, engineering
REAL ENGINEERS... · Real Engineers consider themselves well dressed if their socks match.
· Real Engineers buy their spouses a set of matched screwdrivers for their birthday.
· Real Engineers wear mustaches or beards for "efficiency". Not because they're lazy.
· Real engineers have a non-technical vocabulary of 800 words.
· Real...


Faq On Process Design Engineering

Posted by ankur2061 , in For Students and Young Engineers 12 August 2010 - * * * * * · 7,474 views

I have encountered a lot of fresh chemical engineering graduates from college who joined as "trainees" in the engineering consultancy field and inevitably they have a lot of questions on what process design engineering is all about?

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) are what are the activities that a process design engineer do,...

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