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Engineering Applications Available For Iphone

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 27 January 2012 - * * * * * · 9,915 views
iphone, engineering, apps and 1 more...
Engineering Applications Available For Iphone Are you a gadget lover, and are you a fan of "Apple" products? Besides being a gadget lover and an admirer of Apple, do you also happen to be an engineering student or an engineeering professional with the zest to do quick calculations while on the move?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you will simply love the iPhone for the...


Filament Yarn / Fiber Quench Air Systems

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 17 January 2012 - - - - - - · 9,354 views
filament, yarn, fiber, quench and 2 more...
Filament Yarn / Fiber Quench Air Systems I spent a long part of my career, both operations and design in Polyester Synthetic Fiber(filament yarn and staple fiber) including operations and engineeering design. During my stint as a process design engineer involved in design of polyester plants including Polyester Filament Yarn and Polyester Staple Fiber plants one of the key requirements was finding...


Vendor Database – The Achilles Heel Of Engineering Companies

Posted by ankur2061 , in Management 20 December 2011 - * * * * * · 6,496 views
vendor, database, engineering and 1 more...
Vendor Database – The Achilles Heel Of Engineering Companies I am not delving into Greek mythology. The title is a metaphor indicating that lack of a good vendor database is a weak point of many engineering companies. Absence of a proper database is an obstacle in providing good quality engineering services as well as enabling timely completion of the engineering...


Material Selection For The Oil And Gas Industry

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 17 December 2011 - - - - - - · 13,922 views
material, selection, oil, gas and 6 more...
Most process engineers are unaware of material selection and shy away from the task of providing material selection saying that a corrosion specialist needs to do the job.

What if you do not have the services of a corrosion specialist and you need to provide some quick answers for material selection as a process engineer. This blog entry attempts to give...


The Art Of Responding To Queries On An Engineering Forum

Posted by ankur2061 , 10 December 2011 - - - - - - · 6,902 views
responding, queries, questions and 2 more...
I have been a member of Cheresources for the last 4-1/2 years. When I started out on the forums I had little idea of how questions need to be answered on a forum. I observed a lot of veterans on the forum including the administrator Art Montemayor on how they took up the task of answering queries posted by students, professionals and specialists and I...


Erosion Due To Flow

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 06 December 2011 - * * * * * · 45,296 views
pipe, erosion, flow
Erosion can be defined as the mechanical loss of material by the impact of solid particles (e.g. sand, certain hard scales, catalysts) and / or liquid droplets.

Erosion caused failures are not new. The oil and gas industry has suffered and continues to face many failures that can be attributed to erosion.

Under aggressive operating conditions, flow...


Gas Flotation For Waste Water Treatment

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 26 November 2011 - * - - - - · 11,542 views
gas, flotation, waste, water and 1 more...
Gas Flotation is one of the oldest methods for removal of solids, oil & grease and fibrous materials from waste water. It is part of the primary treatment of waste water. Removal efficiencies can be as high as 99%+ for suspended solids and oil and grease. Gas flotation is simply the process of generating microscopic gas bubbles in the container (tank /...


Equivalent Length Calculations For Pipe Fittings And Valves

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 17 November 2011 - * * * * - · 41,170 views
Reducers, Elbows and 2 more...
November 16, 2011 is kind of a momentous day in my life. 25 years ago on this very day a young girl joined hands with me and both of us pledged our love and devotion to each other till death do us apart. This woman has stood by me through all the ups and downs in this long journey of 25 years. She has primarily been responsible for our children growing up...


New Multiphase Flow Transient Analysis Software - Ledaflow

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 31 October 2011 - - - - - - · 12,208 views
multiphase, transient, flow and 2 more...
Being in the upstream oil and gas field the subject of flow assurance related to multiphase flow in pipelines is something that cannot be ignored. While the commonly used softwares such as PIPESIM, PIPEPHASE, TLNET and TGNET are adequate for most flow assurance studies the subject of transient analysis for multiphase flow is a complex one. PIPESIM does not...


Standard Conditions Of Temperature And Pressure

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 24 October 2011 - * * * * * · 17,138 views
STP, standard, conditions and 2 more...
A lot has been said about standard conditions of temperature and pressure in chemical engineering texts, international standards (API, ISO, DIN, JIS etc.). Probably the best reference to this very debatable topic is the “Wikipedia” article given at the following link:


Tips For Giving A Technical Powerpoint Presentation

Posted by ankur2061 , in Management 20 October 2011 - - - - - - · 6,501 views
technical, presentation, tips and 1 more...
Providing powerpoint presentations related to a project, your company profile, or your area of expertise has become commonplace these days.

Considering the importance of presentations and having done quite a few of them I would like to share some tips on how to go ahead with powerpoint presentations. The tips start with right from preparing the...


Boiler Feed Water - Impurities, Treatment, Blowdown And Cycles Of Concentration

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 11 October 2011 - * * * * - · 16,944 views
boiler, feed, water, impurities and 4 more...
Quite sometime back during my tenure in Saudi Arabia, I was involved in a project related to a large-capacity, gas-fired, D-type water tube boiler. The capacity of the boiler was 530,000 lb/h (240 TPH).

During that time I had been studying about the requirement and design calculations for boiler feed water (BFW) for the boiler since it was part of the...


Centrifugal Compressor Seal Systems

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 28 September 2011 - * * * - - · 11,682 views
centrifugal, compressor, seal
The subject of compressors has been fascinating me since the last few years which I have also mentioned in one of my earlier blog entries 'Polytropic Efficiency as a function of Inlet Volume Flow'.

Recently a client came up with a problem of their centrifugal compressor seal failure and asked us to investigate it. Although the subject of compressor...


Flow Meter Comparison - Quick Compilation Of The Web Resources

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 15 September 2011 - * * * * - · 6,086 views
flow, meters, web, resources
Flow meters are a subject of frequent discussion on the 'Chereources' forum. Some of the typical questions related to flowmeters can be described as below:

1. For my application I need to measure the flow. Please suggest the type of flowmeter I should install?

2. I have a flow meter for a particular application. Presently we are facing problem of...


Biochemical Oxygen Demand - Industrial Waste Water Management

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 08 September 2011 - * * * * * · 5,471 views
bod, oxygen, demand, industrial and 2 more...
A lot has been written and said about the subject of BOD. But very few know that BOD5 is calculated using simple concentration formulas from laboratory tests. However, before going into the calculation part let us start from the fundamentals of BOD.

Wikipedia defines BOD as follows:

Biochemical oxygen demand or B.O.D. is the...


A Refresher On Pump Cavitation And Npsh

Posted by ankur2061 , in Technical 25 August 2011 - * * * * * · 8,508 views
blog, understading, npsh and 2 more...
There have been numerous articles on the subject item and most standard textbooks in chemical engineering provide quite a detailed description on what pump cavitation and NPSH is. Despite all the literature available on the subject, the debate related to pump cavitation and NPSH continues which is evident from the numerous postings related to the subject...


Value Engineering – A Chemical Process Industry Perspective

Posted by ankur2061 , in Management 03 August 2011 - - - - - - · 6,401 views
value, engineering, chemical and 1 more...
Wikipedia gives the general definition of value engineering as follows:

"Value engineering (VE) is a systematic method to improve the "value" of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. Value, as defined, is...


American Petroleum Institute (Api) - A Legendary Institution

Posted by ankur2061 , in Management 27 July 2011 - - - - - - · 6,501 views
API, petroleum, institute and 1 more...
When a young chemical engineer frequently encounters the acronym API at the start of his or her career, he or she has probably a lot of questions about what on earth is this institute all about and how is it that in my day-to-day job I encounter this term multiple times. This blog entry tries to give some insight about this legendary institution which can...


Understanding Your Manager / Supervisor

Posted by ankur2061 , in Management 20 July 2011 - * * * * * · 6,247 views
understanding, manager and 2 more...
Many young engineers find it difficult to get adjusted to their work environment simply because they are unable to understand their manager / supervisor. This blog entry tries to provide some personality or behavioral traits of people whom you may encounter as your manager / supervisor.

Let me start with the “argumentative or “chatty” type of people. These...


Checklists - An Important Tool In Engineering Design

Posted by ankur2061 , in Management 10 July 2011 - * * * - - · 21,331 views
checklists, engineering, design
Wikipedia gives the definition of a checklist as follows:

A checklist is a type of informational job aid used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task.

For further reading...

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