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Flow Meter Comparison - Quick Compilation Of The Web Resources

Flow meters are a subject of frequent discussion on the 'Chereources' forum. Some of the typical questions related to flowmeters can be described as below:

1. For my application I need to measure the flow. Please suggest the type of flowmeter I should install?

2. I have a flow meter for a particular application. Presently we are facing problem of accurate flow measurement when we reduce the plant / unit throughput. Please advise?

3. Ours is a custody transfer application and we find that the flow measurement at the supplier's end is varying over the year with wide fluctuations of measurement with respect to summer and winter months. Please advise if we need to review the type of meter which we have?

4. We are using a particular type of flowmeter for batch charging of reactants to the process. Operations / Quality control have complained that there is variation in the product from batch to batch. We suspect that the flowmeter is the culprit. Please advise if we have the rigth flowmeter for this application?

These typical questions require a brief understanding of the working principles of each type of flowmeter as well as the merits and demerits of each type.

An important source for information and selection of flowmeters for liquid flow is available on our very own 'Cheresources' as an article provided by Chris Haselgo, the owner of 'Cheresources'. See the link below for the article:


Besides this very well written article there are several web resources which provide this type of comparison as well as areas of application for a given type of flowmeter. The idea of this blog entry was to give a quick compilation of these free web resources as hyperlinks which serve as an application guide as well as provide the merits and demerits of each type of flowmeter. Below are the hyperlinks:







I have tried to cover some of the web resources which I could find by googling. Maybe there are more but then the readers of my blog could provide links to more resources in their comments to this blog entry. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


Good stuff! Thanks ankur

Thanks, but what about gas flowmeter or even mass flow controller, it is more challanging...

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