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3D View
3D CAD file viewer for DXF/DWG, CATIA, IGES 2D/3D, SolidWorks and many other file formats, Windows 9x/NT, demo available.

Risk analysis and simulation add-in for Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3. Demo available for download.

Software for optimization of power plants. Calculates the best operating conditions of a steam/power plant depending on the energy costs.

Easy to use, $119 multi-purpose precision drawing tool for simple sketches and drawings, Windows 98/NT 4.0/Me/2000/XP.

CadStd Lite
Basic, easy-to-use 2D CAD program for Win 9x/NT, freeware, size 1.5 MB.

Chemical Engineering Software
Many programs at reasonable cost for energy conversion, fluid flow, psychrometrics, heat transfer, physical properties, and process economics.

Computer Aided Design and drawing package for Windows 9x/NT 4.0/2K/ME/XP, 45-day trial version available (3 MB).

2D graphing utility for MS Windows, supports the most important graph types for scientific applications (linear, logarithmic, tripartite, probability, polar, and histograms), fully functional 30-day trial version available.

EDGE Diagrammer
Flowcharting and diagramming software. Predefined and custom shapes and arrows. Shareware versions for Windows 3.1 and for Windows 9x/NT 4.0/2K/ME/XP. 1.7 MB to download.

Software for scientific-style XY-plots and other high-resolution, highly detailed black-and-white line graphics, trial version available for download. Windows 9x/NT and higher.

Emissions Loss Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet from Esco Engineering, calculates evaporation rates from open liquid surfaces. Designed for steam and acid loss calculations from pickling tanks but the method is quite general.

Engineer's Aide
Commercial software from Epcon International for flowsheeting and simulation and sizing of process piping systems. Comes in a variety of configurations and prices. Demo available after registration.

Engineering Power Tools
General engineering software containing over 70 programs and data tables in one integrated package. Categories included are: Math, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Materials, and Structural. Restricted shareware for Windows 3.x (or later). 770 kB.

Excel Goodies
Fifteen useful spreadsheets from Esco Engineering for doing chemical engineering and related calculations, e.g. acid dewpoint, compressible flow, control valve sizing, orifice plate calcs for liquid and gas flow, packed tower design.

Introductory 3D CAD package with motion simulation capabilities, suitable for anyone interested in learning 3D CAD, Windows, Macintosh PPC, Linux PC and other Unix's, Sponsor supported freeware.

Open source project to create a free 2D CAD program for Linux. Note that the development is in an early stage and that many essential things are not yet working.

An excellent equation plotter. There are versions for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95/NT. Shareware.

Intergraph SmartSketch
Precision sketching, production drafting, and diagramming for Windows, previously sold as Imagineer Technical and Imagination Engineer.

AutoCAD like, low-cost 3D CAD program for Linux and other other Unix platforms.

Integrated environment for analyzing and visualizing data, Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, or XP.

Windows package for drawing process flow diagrams and piping and instrumentation diagrams, demo available for download.

Project Risk Analysis
Shareware computer program from Katmar Software for calculating the risk of possible over expenditure on capital projects, and for calculating the contingency required to reduce the risk to acceptable levels. Windows 9x, NT 4.0 and later. 761 kB.

SAL - Scientific Applications on Linux
A huge collection of scientific programs for Linux.

Windows program for drawing flowcharts, technical drawings, business presentations... Shareware.

Software for the visualization of scientific and engineering data with many advanced features, versions for various UNIX workstations and Windows, demo available after registration.

Visio 2003
Tool for creating schematics, process plant designs, and other 2D drawings. Available for Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 and above.


By: Dr. Bernhard Spang, Associate Content Writer (read the author's Profile)


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