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Process Modeling and Design - ChE Links

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A free, equation-based environment for process modeling. Includes an object-oriented model-description language. Released under GNU for Windows and UNIX platforms.

Aspen DynamicsTM
Integrated steady-state and dynamic process simulator based on Aspen Plus and Aspen Custom Modeler.

Aspen Plus(R)
Information about this standard process simulation package for steady-state modeling from the supplier.

Chemstations' PC-based general purpose process simulation program.

Chemical Process Modeling PC Software
Excel add-ins, Mathcad and Maple files from Lee Partin for chemical plant modeling, distillation design calculations, pinch analysis... The software is copyrighted but free for personal or educational use.

Chemical Workbench
Package of integrated chemical reactor simulation tools for Windows 95/NT from Kinetic Technologies, Russia. A PowerPoint presentation of the program (3.8 MB) can be downloaded after completing a form.

DESIGN II for Windows
WinSim's general-purpose process simulator developed specifically for MS Windows platforms. The full package is available free for download but you must register to get a 2 week password.

Flowsheeting on the World Wide Web
Report about a system that provides "flowsheeting", i.e. mass and energy balance computation, across the WWW. A VRML viewer (e.g. Live3D integrated in Netscape Navigator) is required to see the generated flowsheet.

Steady state process simulator for the PC from Hyprotech. Incorporates a wide range of unit operations, heat exchanger design, compressors, valves, and extensive thermophysical property data.

Integrated package from Hyprotech that covers all process simulation and real-time applications. Flowsheet based dynamic and steady state process modeling. For MS Windows 32 bit platforms.

Somewhat limited and awkward to use MS-DOS program for chemical process material balance simulation and parameter optimization. But it's free. 240 kB to download.

PC-based program from Prode for simulating chemical processes.

General hydrocarbon process simulator from Bryan Research & Engineering for DOS/Windows based PC's and UNIX systems.

Process simulation software for process design, optimization, troubleshooting, debottlenecking, revamping or sensitivity analysis. Not related to BR&E's PROSIM. Site requires Macromedia Flash Player.

Quick Hydraulics for Windows
Flowsheet simulation plus hydraulic pressure drop calculation for Windows 3.1 and higher from Chempute Software. Lacks some of the features of other process simulators for the benefit of lower cost. Restricted demo (2.7 MB) available.

Software Tools for Process Integration
An independent list of process simulation tools from Aspen Plus to Supertarget. For each program there are a short description, product specification, and user experience evaluations.

SuperPro Designer
Process simulation program for MS Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, and 2000 platforms from Intelligen. Includes equipment sizing and costing. Demo can be downloaded and is fully functional except for the ability to save the designs.


By: Dr. Bernhard Spang, Associate Content Writer (read the author's Profile)


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