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Heat and Mass Transfer - ChE Links

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Heat and Mass Transfer Organization and Societies

Blackbody Radiation
Java applet for determining spectral or total radiation from a blackbody within a range of wavelength from Planck's Law.

Blackbody Radiation
Introduction to blackbody radiation from an astronomer's point of view.

ChemPlant Tools
Includes a heat transfer program for the simulation of the heating and cooling of an agitated chemical reactor vessel.

Diffusion Processes
From Michael Karweit's Virtual Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, explore two-dimensional diffusion phenomena by configuring and running the Diffusion Simulator (Java applet).

Dimensionless Numbers
From Process Associates of America, definitions and forms-based calculations for many dimensionless numbers of importance in heat and mass transfer and fluid dynamics.

Heat Conduction
From Michael Karweit's Virtual Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, Deduce the cross-sectional profile of a heated conductive bar based on its temperature (Java applet).

Heat Transfer
Introduction to the three mechanisms of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation.

How We Lose Heat to the Environment
Hypothermia and the modes of heat transfer from the human body to the environment, online or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version.


By: Dr. Bernhard Spang, Associate Content Writer (read the author's Profile)


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