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Mass Transfer and Reactor Equipment - ChE Links

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Graham Hart Columns
Design (mass transfer and mechanical) and manufacture of distillation and other separation columns in the UK.

Jaeger Products
Tower packings, trays, and column internals for all types of gas/liquid mass transfer processes.

JUVO Pressure Reaction Vessel System
Mini reactors for pressures up to 150 bar, temperatures up to 350°C, capacities from 250 ml to 50 l.

Koch-Glitsch Packed Tower Internals
Structured packings, random packings, and trays for distillation and other mass transfer operations.

Lochhead Engineering
Stirred reactors and pressure vessels for laboratory and pilot plants, extensive information (literature and manuals) online.

Parr Instrument Products
Stirred reactors and pressure vessels for laboratory and pilot plants, extensive information (literature and manuals) online.

Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken
Random tower packings in all sizes and materials.


By: Dr. Bernhard Spang, Associate Content Writer (read the author's Profile)


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