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Category: Plant Basics
Question: For insulated pipes and vessels, what can be considered a "safe touch temperature"?
Keywords: v1i15,safe,touch,temperature,range,maximum,insulation
Answer: This is usually a matter left for individual company policy, however in some country, safety organization may have a specific rule. Our research shows that the maximum "safe touch temperature" can be as low as 120 ??F (49 ??C) or as high as 150 ??F (65 ??C). The most common maximum temperature cited is 140 ??F (60 ??C). Usually, the difference in interpretation depends on how long (before discomfort or injury) a person should be in contact with the hot surface. Naturally, one could wrap their hand around a 120 ??F pipe and keep it there longer than a 150 ??F pipe before being burned.
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