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Hall Of Fame Community Downloads

Over the years, many of our community members have shared some really useful spreadsheets and other tools here on our site. However, as our community grows larger and larger, some of these great tools have gotten pushed to the back of the line and can easily get lost in the shear number of conversations taking place in our community.

Today, we're releasing the Community Hall of Fame section in the Downloads area. Head over and check out some of these great tools! There are more to come as some community members have volunteered to update some of these tools and even add to them. We'll post another blog entry when more are available. Enjoy!

Excellent idea! ;)
Art Montemayor
Mar 23 2011 09:56 AM
I'm very glad to see this new facet of our Forums takeoff in this organized manner. This is a very big - and important - undertaking because it brings our tools and our down-to-earth engineering thinking and problem resolving ideas very physically close to our members. This is a technique that approximates the art of "mentoring" as close as one can get it in today's environment. I believe it brings us closer together and helps our communications because it reveals our actual and detailed methods of how some of us use our engineering experience to resolve problems with the tools we frequently accumulate and keep "sharp" for future application. Tool sharing is one factor, but more importantly the sharing of logic and problem-solving techniques is very personal and sometimes an asset to those that are starting out in engineering.

I hope that this material is of serious and profitable service to all our members - especially the students - and that it serves to emphasize the importance of clarity, accuracy, logic, common sense, and communications to our engineering community. My contributions are not meant to be quick, "down-and-dirty" answers to engineering problems. I have attempted to give importance to the process of logic and engineering discipline in resolving problems by using certain basic and simple tools that have already been taught in a theoretical manner and are now expressed in a practical, engineering manner.

I ask all our members downloading and using these tools to please communicate and/or advise me and Chris directly if serious or important errors are found in my workbooks. I have tried to obtain peer checking, but in some cases this has been difficult. Any checking and/or recommendations is welcomed and appreciated. I will be contributing more workbooks as I find the time to compile and organize them.
Thank you Art! Thank you Chris! These tools are very useful!
Thanks a lot for sharing!
Apr 20 2011 02:33 PM
thank you Art

workbook are great , we in our routine life feel not to read books ,
but the idea of such detail workbook had made me read them .
& perform as more reasonable chemical engg which would have not been possible.

can you help us in having a work book for reactor scale up calculation , heat load calculations
& selection of agitators.
this will be of grate use as i work most of the time on this subject

thanksPosted Image

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