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Our new download section is officially a hit! It's quite clear that the members of our community love this new feature. One place on our site where you can find the very best download files.

We launched the Download section at the beginning the year via our blog entry What's New in 2011?. Since that time, we've moved most of the downloads into this new section and even pulled the best attachments from forums and placed them in the Hall of Fame Community Downloads section.

A couple of features that we haven't yet mentioned is that the Download section includes version control and it incorporates the same "Like" system as the rest of the community.

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Version control is used to make any notes about a file when it is added to or changed. The "Like" feature is great! If you download a file, be sure to click the "Like" button as shown above and you'll receive instant notification if the file is changed in the future. These are great features for a system of files that we'd like to see added to over time.

Now, it's your turn to submit your favorite MS Excel sheet to help us build our library. If you submit a file that is accepted and placed into the Downloads section, we'll upgrade your to ChE Plus status!

Even if you've downloaded a file and added information to it. Send it to us so that we can add it to the master file for everyone to use.

You can see what files are available to our premium community members in the ChE Plus section of the Downloads area. If we publish your file, you'll get access to a great library of technical articles, equipment specification sheets in MS Excel, and additional spreadsheet calculators. The idea here is simple...if you share, so will we.

Ready to submit your files?

For consideration, submit your files through our support system. It's really quite easy:

1. Once logged into your account, click the down arrow next to the word "Messenger" in the upper right part of your screen. Select "Member Support":

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2. Now click on "Support" on the left menu:

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3. Next, click on "New Request":

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4. Now, give your submission a title, select "Download Submission" for the type of request, tell us a little bit about your submission, attach the file, and then click on "Submit".

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That's it. We'll review the file and let you know if it's accepted. If so, we'll upgrade your account to ChE Plus level and you'll have access to even more great information!

Ahmad Lawal Ribadu
May 22 2011 11:51 AM
thats interesting
I have given different demos of my Darcy-Weisbach method using the Colebrook-White equation to four different piping companies. Two companies seem to like my "solution", One says it has to be an approximation. (CheResources is the smartest and very best,)

For almost 100 years different approximations have been made. I laugh at the difficulty of those approximations. Those engineers that actually reviewed my solution have been amazed that no one has seen my "out of the box" solution.

I imagine shooting a gun at a target over 1000 feet away. Those that can hit close to 10 feet to the target I call an approximation. My "solution" does not shoot at the middle circle. It shoots for a fine cross hair in the middle of the bulls eye.
Those old approximations did not loop (one did slightly), because with manual computations, loops took time. My solution is like shooting and missing by 1 foot, then loops to the next shot being at a distance of one foot. My gun is a short one line, simple equation. Each shot is 1000 times closer to the 16 decimal place accuracy of that cross hair.

But Darcy's f is much like Pi. It has been computed for a million decimals places, but most real pipe designs, Pi at 5 to 6 decimal places is good enough. Most pipe companies settle for 2 or 3 decimal places for Darcy f. I would not say they are wrong significantly but, long pipe lines or dangerous fluids they are getting close to error problems.

I see in the future, a judge saying to a pipe designer, "You should have used Harrell's solution, it is simpler and more accurate. Your penalty for this abuse is 30 years." LOL

I will download "Harrell_Gerons_DarcyF(10000)" demo, that compares my solution to several popular approximations. There are two slightly different Colebook-White equations I have named the 2.51 and the 9,35 modes. I show the both and their difference.
Harrell Geron
Chris Haslego
Sep 10 2011 02:05 PM
You can find Harrell's solution here:


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