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Revisiting The Reputation System

Revisiting The Reputation System A while back, I posted a blog entry on this subject here:


We've had some time to live in the environment and I collected much feedback from the community. I wanted to raise this issue again to see how you think the current reputation system is working.

One drawback that we continue to run into is that newer community members don't really understand the feedback system and give unintended negative feedback.

What I've done as of this writing is to remove the negative feedback option and only allow positive feedback. Another option we have is instead of the "positive feedback" system, we could use a "Likes" system as shown here:


I'm interested to hear some more feedback. To review, our options are:

1. Positive and Negative feedback available
2. Positive feedback only
3. Likes system

As always, I'm open to changes that make as many as possible feel comfortable in contributing.



In a democratic society, like the forums, positive and negative feedbacks are needed. This could be especially beneficial for students and young engineers, who are to face such a "point system" in their career during evaluation of their performance. Of course good will is necessary for such a system to fleurish.
Nevertheless I have expressed opposition to three negative feedbacks so far, apart from personal cases. We have to encourage new contributions and lessen hesitation. That is why option 2, of Positive feedback only, can be tried and see the results. Exceptional posts could be treated by Administrator. The 'likes" system is not understood to be substantially different.
Feedbacks to members are like riches to men. Bypassing more general matters, a "poor" member may reply much better to a specific query. And the reader should judge the reply itself, not affected by "riches". Consequently reputation of a member had better be hidden somewhere in its profile, just for the member to recall the posts liked by others.
Qalander (Chem)
Feb 01 2012 04:00 AM
Dear Chris Hello/Good Afternoon,
  • It is true you keep bringing positive,healthy improvements to our community system
  • This is good step forward however there should preferably be
  • like/ unlike system with some rating or weights associated
  • Only accredited after review by forum administrators on actual merits/ Demerits basis
  • Definitely it's going to add to you people's load
Thanks in advance& Congratulations for this successful forum management indeed.
I support Option 1 positive and negative feedback. In real life (Internet and Forums are also part of reality) one will get positive and negative evaluations, comments and so on. I see no reason to accept only positive feedback. If someone is too uncertain of his own thinking, then let him not post.

One option could be that only senior, seasonned engineers could distribute feedback. Either people that have more than xxx posts or, preferably have been around for more than a year and are trusted by the community...

I like the system of eng-tips with stars, without the display of the total points.
Mar 30 2012 01:46 PM
..hey guys!

just wanna ask if where i can post me question/s?
anyone could help me on this regard is highly appreciated.

thank you!
Technical Bard
Apr 10 2012 09:57 PM
Take a look at the system used by the StackExchange system (example at stackoverflow.com)
The question that comes to my mind is "What is the objective of the reputation system?" If it is simply desired to promote meaningful comments then I would favor one of the latter options since getting negative feedback could make some reluctant to post comments, and the damage to the community done by a dull comment is minimal.

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