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Bp Texas City

As a follow up to the discussion cited below, MarketWatch is reporting the following:

"BP PLC /quotes/comstock/13*!bp/quotes/nls/bp (BP 38.43, +0.05, +0.13%) has agreed to pay a $50 million fine over safety hazards at the oil company's Texas City refinery where a 2005 explosion killed 15 workers, The Associated Press reported Thursday. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is still trying to collect another $30 million that BP is contesting, according to the AP"

What probably has to the most tragic and hardest experience for any engineer is to realize and admit that he/she has been the cause of human deaths during his/her watch - moreso when it is admitted that the whole tragedy was easily preventable.

Attached is a local story on the subject disaster. I am posting this as a grim reminder of what dire and tragic circumstances we, as engineers, can bring upon others when we become careless, sloppy, and fail to give importance to the welfare and safety of those people that are under our supervision and care. As I stated in my first posting on this tragedy, almost 3 years ago, it all could have been so easy to avoid; all they had to do was to forbid any outsider within the immediate vicinity of the Isomerization Unit while it was being started up.........and no one would have died.

I hope this serves as a lesson learned for all reading this.

Source: An Admission Of Guilt

Qalander (Chem)
Aug 14 2010 01:16 PM
I 100% agree and edorse this.

A power point presentation about "this tragedy" prepared back in April 2005 by me for our Refinery's staff education and awareness .

Focused on the same tragedy's main issue.(Since I served as Manager Fire Protection at my previous employer in those days).

If you feel it justified It may again be shared here although now could be very much belated act.

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