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Water Content Of Natural Gas

This is the final posting of what turned into a fantastic discussion with regards to estimating the water content of natural gas streams. Take advantage of all of the research that these folks did and even download a spreadsheet to check against your own calculations. Go all the way to the bottom of the thread to download the last version of the spreadsheet.


Dear All,

There has been a very healthy debate on the subject matter and I have spent considerable time and effort researching the subject. Today on the auspicious day of Diwali I am presenting my latest efforts on the subject matter by providing a spreadsheet which is very accurate in not only predicting the water content of sweet natural gas but also for sour natural gas. My Diwali gift to all the esteemed readers and friends of this fantastic forum. Comments are welcome. In the earlier posts on the same topic I have mentioned about this research of mine and wish to thank the authors of the article from which the spreadsheet is inspired. The title of the paper and the link for the article is also mentioned in the spreadsheet.

Comments are welcome.


Source: Water Content Of Natural Gas

Hello Ankur,


One online engineering tool for the water content of Sweet Gas calculation is available below,


which was developed based on GPSA engineering Data Book as well.


There are lot useful tools available in www.ennground.com and http://www.gpamidstreamcal.com

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