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Moduling Ccr (Recontacting Section), Unisim

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#1 didiamar


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Posted 28 November 2018 - 12:18 PM

Hello, i'm a studant for chemical engineering and I'm working on my final research, trying to

Improve the recovery of the liquid product (aromatics, LPG) and increase the purity of the gas product (H2) at the CCR plant.


I've been triyng to simulate the recontacting section (after the distilation tower separating the products after the chain of reactors), unfortunately the factory where i'm doing the research has only the composition of the gas products (the stream rich of h2) on theire computers and not of the liquid stream so i'm kinda stuck, if someone has information even just theoretic about the composition of the liquid coming out of the tower and can share I would be greatful.


In addition, I saw in books that explaine how to simulate the ccr that they use importe-->CatRefIsom.cml in order to set the compositions, but my folder of packges is empty, is it possible to get that package somehow?


I do not simulate the whole ccr plant just the recontacting section.

Any information will be welcome.




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