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Simple Batch Distillation. Bottom And Top Temperature

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#1 bmicky


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Posted 18 September 2019 - 01:58 AM


I try to model the separation of n-pentane from the syntetic seal oil/n-pentane miscible mixture by a simple batch distillation process (reboiler + riser+condenser) at the atmosheric pressure. The n-pentane boiling temperature is 38 deg.C. and oil boiling temperature is about 270 deg.C. According to the oil/n-pentane VLE data (which were created based on the Raoult's law),for example at the reboiler's temperature of 60 deg.C, the equilibrium n-pentane (Y) concentration in vapor is 0.9998 and oil is 0.0002.

Is it correct to assume that at the simple batch distillation process, the vapor (top) dew point temperature, assuming when n-pentane (Y) 0.9998 is similar to the botomm bubble temperature of 60 deg.C ?

On the other hand,once the vapor phase enriched with low boiling n-pentane, I would expect to see the vapor temperature closely to 38 deg.C. Is there a temperatute difference between a reboiler and condenser for a simple batch distllation process ?



Thanks, Mike

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