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Problem Solving About Combustion Of Coal

#combustion #coal #problem

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#1 delixxxxi


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Posted 28 June 2020 - 09:43 AM

Good day,


Please guide me on how to solve this problem~ Thank you in advance for those who will answer~ God Bless You~


The stack gas from a boiler furnace contains 10.8 % CO2, 0.2 % CO, 9.0 % O2 and 80.0 % N2.  These gases enter the stack at 400 oC; 500 kg of coal are burnt per hour.  The proximate analysis of the coal as fired is 1.44 % moisture, 34.61 % volatile mater, 57.77 % fixed carbon, and 6.18 % ash, and the heating value is 33.3 kJ/g.  An analysis for carbon and sulfur shows these to be 78.76 % and 0.78 % respectively.  Furthermore, it is known that coal from the same field averages 1.3 % N.  The volatile matter of the refuse (dry) is 4 % and fixed carbon 21 %.  Air in the boiler room has a temperature of 25 oC.


Calculate: % heat lost due to unburnt combustible in refuse


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