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Dr. Bernhard Spang

Welcome to ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang.   Dr. Spang has brought this extensive collection of chemical engineering links from his site at  We're happy to have this collection now available on The Chemical Engineers' Resource Page.  If you find any links that are no longer operational, please notify Dr. Spang by emailing him at the available link at the bottom of each page in this section.

ChE Links

Adsorption Processes
Fundamentals, design and applications of separation processes based on adsorption phenomena as well as properties of adsorbents.

For Beginners
Want to know what engineering in general and chemical engineering in particular is? Then you should look here.

Biomedical Engineering
Learn about artificial organs, biomaterials, tissue engineering,...

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Links to CFD texts, software, and other resources.

Information about corrosion of materials and methods of corrosion prevention.

Information about distillation, the most common separation process in chemical engineering: principles of the process, equipment, distillation column design, calculators, and software.

Information and resources pertaining to chemical engineering education.

Engineering and Design Software
Free and commercial software for engineering, design, and calculations.

Engineering Ethics
Information and resources about ethical questions common in engineering practice and research.

Fluid Mechanics and Rheology
All about flows of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.

Fuel Cells
Resources and information about energy conversion by fuel cells, from the basics to advanced topics.

Heat and Mass Transfer
Information about heat conduction, diffusion, convective heat and mass transfer, and radiative heat transfer.

Heat Transfer Equipment
Manufacturers and suppliers of all types of heat exchangers, heaters, coolers, and other heat transfer equipment.

Humor and Entertainment
Jokes, humor, games, and fun stuff having something to do with engineering and science.

Jobs and Career
Data about the current job market for chemical engineers and related professions, salary surveys, employment prospects, and job banks, as well as advice for keeping your career on track.

Journals and Magazines
Homepages of both online and printed journals and magazines as well as links to publishers.

Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
Some mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups dedicated to chemical engineering and neighboring fields.

Mass Transfer and Reactor Equipment
Manufacturers and suppliers of distillation columns, tower packings, trays, chemical reactors, and other mass transfer equipment.

Materials of Construction
Information about metals, alloys, polymers, technical ceramics, and their properties.

Measurement Units
Information about measurement systems, units, and related topics, as well as online calculators and software for unit conversion.

Membrane Separation Processes
Operating principles, applications, and software for industrially important membrane separation processes.

Microfluidic Systems
Information about microscale devices for chemical engineering unit operations and transport phenomena in micro-flows.

Numerical Methods and Programming
Information and software related to numerical methods and technical programming in Fortran and other languages.

Organizations and Societies
Chemical engineering related professional and scientific organizations, institutions, and societies.

Particle Technology
Information about particle characterization, measuring techniques, agglomeration, size reduction, pneumatic conveying, separation, and fluidization.

Phase Equilibria
Articles and websites offering information and resources about vapor-liquid, liquid-liquid, and solid-liquid phase equilibria for the design of separation processes.

Pressure Vessel Design
Resources and software for the mechanical design of pressure vessels and their components. Information about related standards and codes is also included.

Process Control
Online books, texts, and references about process control.

Process Economics and Cost Estimation
Online books, texts, and references about process economics and cost estimation.

Process Modeling and Design
Online books, texts, and references about process modeling and design as well as process simulation software.

Renewable Energy
Technologies for use of biomass, solar and geothermal energy, wind and hydro power.

Technical Writing and Documentation
Information, resources, and exercises for engineers about writing of technical reports and other texts.

Everything you want to know: first and second law, temperature, entropy, chemical and phase equilibria, equations of state, as well as free and commercial software that solves thermodynamics and kinetics problems or provides property data.


By: Dr. Bernhard Spang, Associate Content Writer (read the author's Profile)


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