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pump sizing pumps pump calculation

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#1 Lorean


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Posted 20 July 2020 - 09:52 AM

So i have to size pump, there is a tank A which sends liquid to centrifugal pump A, pump A delivered this liquid to tank B.
There is also tank C that sends liquid to pump C that delivers liquid to tank D.
Now according to new design, discharge of pump A will be connected to suction of pump C. How to find discharge pressure of pump A(which is the suction pressure of pump C)?
The way i calculated was : i calculated suction of pump A, then used pump curve, found rated head, converted to bar, and aded up to suction pressure got the discharge pressure of pump A. Then i used the discharge pressure of pump A, substracted friction loses of the pipe between pump A and C, took static elevation into account, and thus found suction pressure of pump C. Is it a right way to size pump? Could you please help? Both of them are centrifugal pumps

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