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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang


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Chemical Engineering Faculty Directory

Searchable directory of faculty members from ChE departments in the United States and worldwide.


Graduate School Rankings

Find a graduate program based on user-weighted criteria. Information used for these ratings has been derived from data of the US National Research Council


Engineering Education Innovators Conference

Provided by the Engineering Education and Centers Division of the National Science Foundation, a Best Practices Summary Report" from this conference. "


An Engineering Student Survival Guide

Article by Richard M. Felder that discusses resources available to students who are not getting what they need from the instructor and text in a class.


History of Chemical Engineering Education

Retrospective glance at the development of chemical engineering education in the U.S.


Academic Improvement Skills

From the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, tips to improve your study skills and the ten traps of studying.


Index of Learning Styles

Developed by by Richard M. Felder and collaborators for providing an indication of probable strengths and possible tendencies that might lead to difficulty in academic settings. A self-scoring questionnaire can be downloaded.


Transforming Undergraduate Education...

...in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology (1999). Report by the Committee on Undergraduate Science Education at the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education of the U.S. National Research Council.


What is the Debt Burden Of New Ph.D.s?

Study from the National Science Foundation about the level of indebtedness of 1993-96 Science & Engineering Ph.D.s resulting from their undergraduate and/or graduate education.


Who Needs These Headaches?

Reflections on teaching first-year engineering students by Dr. Richard M. Felder, Hoechst Celanese Professor of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University.


Best Graduate Schools Engineering

Top 50 Engineering Schools according to U.S. News. Ten variables are given, indicating reputation, student selectivity, faculty resources, and research activity. At the same site: Best Graduate Schools Chemical Engineering"


Academic Chemical Engineering Sites all over the World

Chemical engineering departments grouped by country, compiled in part from the book Chemical Engineering Faculties 1994-1995, Volume 43, Ed. James B. Rawlings


Resources in Science and Engineering Education

Dr. Richard M. Felder, Hoechst Celanese ProfessorEmeritus of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University, offersguidance, tips and resources on techniques effective in teaching college level engineering courses.