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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

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Jobs and Career

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Class Of 2006 Salaries And Jobs

Annual survey of the employment status and salaries of new chemistry graduates by the American Chemical Society, published in Chemical & Engineering News - December 3, 2007.


AIChE Career Services

Career and job search resources from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, includes also job listings, tips, and information about trends.


The Assistant Professor's Guide to the Galaxy

From George A. Bekey, how to survive and succeed in academia, pdf.


Careers in Science and Engineering

From the National Academy of Sciences, a student planning guide to Grad School and beyond.


The Changing Face of Engineering Employment

A white paper from the NSPE Industry Advisory Group about major changes in the industrial employment environment for engineers and how engineers, their societies and educational institutions, should prepare for the future.


Characteristics of Doctoral Scientists and Engineers...

...in the United States 2001. NSF report about demographics, employment, and salaries. Available in Hypertext and Adobe pdf format.


Chemical Engineering Job Bank...

...at Engineering Central. Several dozens of job ads, usually for more experienced engineers. For entry-level jobs see their Job Bank for Entry-Level Engineers."


County Business Patterns

Where to look for a job? Separate reports for each State, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and a U.S. summary from the US Census Bureau (Adobe Acrobat PDF format only).


Degrees and Occupations in Engineering

How much do they diverge? Issue brief from the NSF, presents an overview of the relationship between educational patterns and occupational outcomes in engineering.


Employment Outlook for 2008

From Chemical & Engineering News, 2008 job market for chemists and chemical engineers.


Engineerjobs - Chemical Engineer

Searchable and browseable job listings for chemical engineers in the United States


Faculty and Research Positions - Engineering

Weekly updated list of openings for faculty and research positions in engineering from The Chronicle of Higher Education.


Gallery of Women Engineers

From the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), features outstanding women in the engineering profession. Complete gallery with profiles of women engineers is searchable by name, field, or keyword.


Industry-Occupation Employment Matrix

A searchable and browsable database from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that allows users to track the employment distribution of an occupation among industries. Data are available for both 2000 and 2010 (projection).


Occupational Outlook Handbook: Engineers

Section about engineers from Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook. Describes nature of the work, employment, and job outlook.


Salary Figures by Industry

2001 median and mean base salaries of full-time employees in the U.S. who are members of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, grouped by industry.


Science and Engineering Indicators 2006

Current issue of this biennial report from the National Science Foundation. Details tendencies in education, the science and engineering work force, research, and public attitudes toward science and technology. Available in HTML and PDF format.


Science and Technology Pocket Data Book

Reference source covering national R&D funding patterns, academic R&D, R&D in U.S. industry, education of scientists and engineers, among others. Provided by the National Science Foundation. Available in HTML and PDF format.


Science Jobs

A comprehensive searchable database of current vacancies for scientists.


Scientists' Earnings

Brief from the Spring 1998 issue of Compensation and Working Conditions, a publication from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with data and average pay comparison of scientists and engineers, Acrobat pdf file.



Engineering specific website featuring engineering jobs, salary survey, and discussion forum. Registeration will allow you to get new job listings by e-mail, and post your resume online.