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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang

Particle Technology

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Aerosol Calculator Program

Excel spreadsheet by Paul Baron with equations for calculating aerosol parameters such as particle Reynolds number, settling velocity, droplet evaporation time, and many, many others.


Guide Tour for Granular Dynamics

From Y.-H. Taguchi, mixing, flow, vibration, fluidization for beginners.


International Sieve Chart

From Reade Advanced Materials, a table comparing various sieve standards (ASTM, JIS, BSI, AFNOR, DIN, Tyler®, particle diameter, mesh).


Quick Tutorial of Sedimentation

Theory, settling velocity, concentration effects, equipment, and a book list.


Solid-Liquid Separation

Review of equipment for solid-liquid separation such as vacuum and pressure filters, filtering and sedimenting centrifuges, thickeners, and clarifiers.


Units for Particulate Measurement

From Reade Advanced Materials, definitions of important quantities and units.


Ten Key Steps for Reliable Pneumatic Conveying

A guide to industrial powder handling by Lyn Bates, Ajax Equipment Limited.


Educational Resources for Particle Technology

Public service of the AIChE Particle Technology Forum, provides on-line, free-of-charge tutorials in particle technology as well as links to other instructional websites and to non-Web instructional resources.