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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang

For Beginners

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How Batteries Work

Introduction to battery chemistry and construction on a basic level. One of the many articles from the How Stuff Works series by Marshall Brain that explains technical topics.


A Chemical Engineering Timeline

History of chemical engineering from the opening of America's first chemical plant in 1635 to the Oklahoma City bomb in 1995.


Chemical Engineering, Science & Technology Timeline

A list of important events beginning with Democritus' concept of atom, compiled by Luis Klemas.


Engineering, Invention & Technology

Article by John E. Shepler, what do engineers really do?


EngineeringK12 Center

A guide for high school students from the American Society for Engineering Education.


Greatest Engineering Achievements

From the National Academy of Engineering, the top 20 achievements of the 20th century and their history.


What is a Chemical Engineer?

A very good introduction for those who do not yet know what a chemical engineer is and what he does.



IChemE's careers website giving an introduction to chemical engineering and what chemical engineers do.


Engineering Case Studies

Collection of information on real engineering projects for use in engineering education.