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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang

Mass Transfer and Reactor Equipment

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GasTran Systems

Rotating packed bed technology for improved mass transfer.


Graham Hart Columns

Design (mass transfer and mechanical) and manufacture of distillation and other separation columns in the UK.


JUVO Pressure Reaction Vessel System

Mini reactors for pressures up to 150 bar, temperatures up to 350°C, capacities from 250 ml to 50 l.


Koch-Glitsch Packed Tower Internals

Structured packings, random packings, and trays for distillation and other mass transfer operations.


Lochhead Engineering

Stirred reactors and pressure vessels for laboratory and pilot plants, extensive information (literature and manuals) online.


H.A.T. International Limited

Independent Mass Transfer Company offering distillation trays, packed tower and reactor internals, mist elimination equipment.