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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang


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Steam Tables for Industrial Use

Online calculation of properties of water and steam using the IAPWS-IF97 formulation.


Thermodynamic Properties Page

From Quest Consultants, thermodynamic property calculations using the Peng-Robinson Equation of State. Max. 10 components. Input via html forms.


Thermodynamics Online Help

From Taftan Data, tutorial in MS Windows help format (138 kB) covering the laws of thermodynamics, heat engines, turbines, heat exchangers, energy, power, heat, and the basic properties of pure fluids.


Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems

Accurate thermophysical properties for 16 fluids: density, specific volume, Cp, Cv, enthalpy, internal energy, entropy, sound speed. From the NIST Standard Reference Database Number 69 - July 2001 Release.


Virtual Laboratory: Thermodynamic Equilibrium

From the University of Oregon, online experiments (Java applet) demonstrating the diffusion process which occurs when gases of different temperatures are mixed.



Water and steam properties calculation program for Windows. Shareware.