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Chexpress - April 16, 2014

Posted by ChristaS in ChExpress Blog, in ChExpress Blog 16 April 2014 - - - - - - · 1,236 views
petronas chemicals group bhd and 7 more...

North America

Ethane cracker

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP has broken ground on its U.S. Gulf Coast Petrochemicals Project at its Cedar Bayou plant in Baytown, Texas. The project includes a 1.5 million metric tons/year ethane cracker in Baytown and two 500,000 metric tons/year capacity polypropylene facilities in Old Ocean, Texas. The estimated...


An Introduction To Corrosion Inhibitors

Posted by ankur2061 in Ankur's_Chemical_Engg_Blog, in Technical 04 March 2014 - * * * - - · 1,598 views
corrosion, inhibitors

An Introduction To Corrosion Inhibitors Dear All,
There have been quite a few threads devoted to injection of corrosion inhibiting chemicals on "Cheresources". Today's blog entry makes an attempt to give some introductory knowledge related to "Corrosion Inhibitors".
The following paragraphs provide the details. The reference for the content of this blog article is provided at the...


Mobile Cheresources.com

Posted by Chris Haslego in Community Admin Blog, in Community Updates 28 September 2012 - - - - - - · 3,725 views
ipad, iphone, android and 2 more...

Mobile Cheresources.com So look, most of us are engineers.  We're still trying to get our hands around the mobile revolution right?  Maybe for some people, it's been easy to leave our desktop or laptop computer behind...but not for us.  There's no question that it will be a long time before most engineers can leave their "real" computers behind, and I realize...


What Is A Steam Trap?

Posted by Zeeshan Amin in Zeeshan Amin's Blog, in Engineering 17 June 2012 - * * * * - · 4,790 views
steam, trap, definition

What Is A Steam Trap? A steam trap is an essential element of a steam distribution piping system. As steam flows through a pipe, it cools off due to heat losses and converts into hot water; this hot water is called condensate. The function of a steam trap is to bleed off hot water so that only steam remains in the system. In addition to condensate removal, a steam trap also...


Dust Hazard Assessment

Posted by in Mark Roote's Blog, in volume, length to diameter, dust accumulation 07 October 2011 - - - - - - · 1,456 views
cyclone, baghouse, nfpa, osha and 1 more...

Anyone working in a facility that handles dust (which is essentially every facility) is trying to get ready for the crackdown from OSHA and NFPA. While OSHA and NFPA are still trying to figure out the best way to implement new standards, what those standards will be and how to enforce the standards, NFPA and OSHA have come out with some temporary...


A Different View Of Harrell's Colebrook-White Solution

Posted by Harrell in Harrell's Blog, in Technical 01 October 2011 - - - - - - · 1,371 views
solution, white, view, different and 1 more...

For some reason, most people still do not understand how my Colebrook-White solution works.

It has been tested, and re-tested over and over, and always gets the right answers if you don't make
a weird error.

This may help those who are questioning "Why does it work?"

In the Wikipedia you can read about the Lambert W function. Here's a...


Chexpress - April 2, 2014

Posted by ChristaS in ChExpress Blog, 31 March 2014 - - - - - - · 430 views
ecopetrol, petroperu and 4 more...

North America


3M is expanding its residential water business and will soon have hundreds of dealers selling 3M-branded water softeners and kitchen-sink filters to households around the United States. So far, 3M’s residential water division has contracted with 35 full-service dealers to spread the word about its products and compete wit...


Uklpg (British) Code Of Practice For Safety In Bulk Lpg Storage

Posted by ankur2061 in Ankur's_Chemical_Engg_Blog, 04 February 2014 - - - - - - · 1,322 views
lpg, british, safety, storage

Dear All,
LPG storage and the related safety considerations have been discussed many times on various threads on 'Cheresources'. Any reader / member of 'Cheresources' can find these threads using the search facility on 'Cheresources'.
Today's blog entry presents the British perspective on safety related to bulk LPG storage. The reference for...


Tank Blanketing Valves

Posted by Ferz99 in Tank Blanketing Valves, 10 September 2012 - * - - - - · 3,205 views
tank blanketing and 1 more...

Tank Blanketing Valves The Tank Blanketing Technique Tank blanketing, also known to as tank padding, is the procedure of smearing a gas to the empty space in a storage tank or container (the term storage container refers to any container that is used to store products, regardless of its size). This techinique is used for a variety of reasons and typically involves using a buffer...


Archiving And Searching Updates

Posted by Chris Haslego in Community Admin Blog, 23 July 2012 - - - - - - · 2,138 views
archive, archiving, search and 2 more...

Archiving And Searching Updates As our community continues to grow, we look for new ways to manage the tremendous amount of information at the site.  A recent change that we've made is to archive forum topics that are beyond 18 months old.

As posts are placed into "Archive" status, they will be at the same URL address, but they will not be able to receive new replies. ...


What Is A Piping System

Posted by Zeeshan Amin in Zeeshan Amin's Blog, 28 May 2012 - - - - - - · 3,597 views
piping, system

What Is A Piping System Piping System

A piping system is a network of pipes, fittings and valves intended to perform a specific job i.e. to carry or transfer fluids from one equipment to another.  The plumbing network supplying water at your home is a common example of a piping system. Other more rigorous examples include steam piping in a power plant, milk...

Existing Equipment Strength Verification

Posted by in Mark Roote's Blog, 07 October 2011 - - - - - - · 1,663 views
steel plate, baghouse, map

Those of you that have used the spreadsheets created by "psafety" (MAP package 1, MAP package 2) may have run into some...


Harrell's "funnel" To The Colebook-White Solution.

Posted by Harrell in Harrell's Blog, 27 September 2011 - - - - - - · 1,140 views
colebrook, white, solution and 1 more...

This is a PDF file with some tables and plots, to show visually how my method works. I call it a funnel, because the procedure quickly guides to maximum accuracy. You will see that after step 2, the accuracy will be amazing. I already knew the solution to the Re and Rr would give 1/sqrt(f) about 4, so I plotted initial guesses of from -4 (that is a...


Studying Chemical Engineering In Malaysia

Posted by rowanlim in Viewpoint, 01 November 2010 - - - - - - · 7,357 views
study, malaysia, chemical and 1 more...

I wrote this entry thinking about Malaysian students coming to the end of their high school life, 17 yr old youngsters who thought "Hey chemical engineering sounds like a good field, but how do I go about it in Malaysia?" This was the question I asked myself 5 yrs ago & I hope to present my view as unbiased as possible & maybe a young...


Screw Feeder Auger Shafts

Posted by LRS in Lifetime-Reliability Blog, 09 August 2010 - - - - - - · 2,162 views
screw, break, shaft, feeder

Analysis of a broken screw feeder shaft on a granular Copper Sulphate Bagging Hopper Feed Screw

Are your screw feeder and trough screw conveyor auger shafts snapping in half?
If you have rotating shafts breaking at the centre of the span then you quite likely have a metal...

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