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      04 Jul

    Equations to describe the Balije Efficiency Curves for Turbo machinery {Pumps and compressors} in terms of Specific Diameter and Specific Speed.

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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang

Fluid Mechanics and Rheology

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Aerodynamics for Students

Online textbook covering fundamentals of fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and gas dynamics.


Rheology Nomenclature

Dealy, J. M., Official nomenclature for material functions describing the response of a viscoelastic fluid to various shearing and extensional deformations," J. Rheol., 39(1), 1995, Acrobat (PDF) format. "


Fluid Flow Calculator

Tool that calculates flow velocity, Reynolds number, Moody friction factor, head loss, and pressure loss for water-ethylene glycol mixtures. Only for turbulent flow.


Packed Column Calculator

Shareware for hydraulic design and rating of packed columns and towers from Katmar Software. MS Windows 3.1 and above, 730 kB.


Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

Book by Brian Kennett in PostScript format. Covers the concepts of deformation and stress field, constitutive relations for various materials including fluids, and the Navier-Stokes equation.


Rheological Methods in Food Process Engineering

Free online copy of the book by J. F. Steffe, second edition (second printing) 1996, Freeman Press, East Lansing, MI, USA; PDF file.


NPS-Nominal Pipe Size

Database of dimensional, weight, and flow information for more than 2500 sizes of standard and specialty pipes and tubes in different materials. DOS and Windows version. Shareware.


Multimedia Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Multimedia engineering book about fluid mechanics by C.C. Ngo and K.C. Gramoll, uses Flash and Director Shockwave plugins.


Piping Systems Fluid Flow

Simulation software for hydraulic design and network analysis of piping systems for compressible and incompressible fluids, demo can be downloaded after free registration, Windows 9x/NT.


HYDROFLOTM for Windows

Fluid conveyance system design software for piping system analysis and design. Trial version can be downloaded.


Flow Pro 2.1

Low-cost Windows 95/NT hydraulic design software for open channels, orifices, weirs, and sluicegates. Shareware.


Centrifugal Pump Tutorial

From Pump World, terms, operation, pump curves, calculation of total dynamic head and system head curves, NPSH and cavitation, operation in parallel and in series, and charts.


Fundamentals of Compressible Flow

Textbook by Genick Bar-Meir, published under the GNU Free Documentation License.


Dimensionless Parameters

Definition and meaning of many dimensionless numbers.


PumpBase - Advanced Pump Selection

Windows software for pump selection. Demo can be downloaded.