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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang

Phase Equilibria

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IUPAC-NIST Solubility Data Series

Mutual solubilities and liquid-liquid equilibria of binary, ternary and quaternary systems, solvents and solutes include water, sea water, inorganic compounds, and a variety of organic compounds.



Software package by John Carroll for predicting fluid phase equilibria in natural gas-water systems; runs under DOS. Site also includes some excellent tutorials on phase equilibrium calculations and an introduction to gas hydrates.



Free Lite version of a program that solves equilibrium problems from a wide range of fields using the unified theoretical approach and algorithms of Smith and Missen. For MS Windows.


MINEQL+, A Chemical Equilibrium Modeling System

Software for the calculation of chemical equilibria. Includes graphical display of output, calculation of acid/base, redox and precipitation reactions, surface adsorption calculations, synthetic titrations.


Fluid Phase Equilibria Page

From Quest Consultants, online calculator for the vapor pressure curve of a pure component or the pressure-temperature phase envelope of a mixture, uses the Peng-Robinson equation of state.


Gas-Vapor Phase Equilibrium Calculations

A mini-tutorial by W. R. Smith that discusses the calculation of dew-point temperatures and pressures in gas-vapor systems.