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Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

ChE Links from Dr. Bernhard Spang

Process Control

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Comparison of PID Control Algorithms

From ExperTune, about differences in PID control algorithms and controllers.


Control Arts Inc.

Commercial software for chemical and related industries: multivariable and application specific controllers, alarm history analysis, tools for operations management and process control.


Control Station

Software for process control analysis, tuning and training, demo available.


Control Systems Lab Online

From the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, various systems for online experiments. See also How it Works."


Control Tutorials for Matlab

Learn how to use Matlab for the analysis and design of automatic control systems.


Distillation Column Control Design

Paper about designing control systems for distillation columns using steady state models, includes an example for illustration, pdf.


Feedback and Temperature Control

Feedback control demonstrated at the example of an oven controlled by a PID temperature controller. Includes an interactive simulation of the oven-controller system to experiment with.


PID Control Information

From John Shaw, a brief description of the standard PID control algorithm used in most controllers.


Process Control Education

T. Marlin at McMaster University provides interactive questions and answers, tutorials with solutions, and extensive enrichment material on instrumentation and valves.


Signals, Systems, Control

Demonstrations developed by students at Johns Hopkins University, mostly with Java applets.


The Very Basics of Control

From the ECOSSE Control HyperCourse, why control is used and an introduction to the basic concept of simple feedback control.


Virtual Control Laboratory

From the ECOSSE Control HyperCourse, a series of online simulation experiments. Java enabled browser required to see the graphical results.


PID Control - Practical Process Control Training

Workshops about process control and PID control tuning.