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What industries require filtered compressed air?

What is an effective way to dry out a piping system after hydrotest?

How can I control the pH level in our cooling water with respect to ammonia contamination?

What are the most common methods of gas purging a vessel?

What is a good method of steam tracing large vessels?

What is the difference between CFM (cubic feet per minute) and SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute)?

What could be considered a good upper threshold for heating boiler feed water (BFW)?

How can I determine the length of a pulley belt without stopping our machine?

For insulated pipes and vessels, what can be considered a "safe touch temperature"?

Is it advisable to cool a fin fan by spraying demineralized water on it?

What are some guidelines for designing for liquid and gas velocities in process plant piping?

What is a synchronous motor?

What are some common causes of control valve noise?

What types of gaskets are good for services that include pyrophoric materials?

How is instrument air continually supplied in process plant?

What particle sizes are electrostatic precipitators used to remove?

What is the maximum recommended velocity for steam in a plant pipe network?

What is the best way to heat 150 GPM of water at 30 psig and 50 0F to 200 0F and 150 psig for use in washing a distillation column?

How can I stop chlorine from condensing during transport from an outside cylinder?

How much water is lost through a commercial cooling tower system with a throughput of about 600 GPM?

What is the maximum recommend pipe velocity for dry and wet gases?

Are there any special considerations to be taken into account for combusting ammonia?

I notice that we have some pieces of metals that have been "powder coated", how does that work?

What are flameless oxidizers?

How can I keep our seawater used for heat rejection clean before entering our heat exchangers?