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How can I prevent this heat exchanger from fouling during turn down? Do you know of a good information source for phosphate solubility versus temperature and fluid velocity?

What is a barometric condenser?

For a heat exchanger, will the overall heat transfer coefficient increase along with an increase in LMTD (log mean temperature difference) around the unit?

What is a good, general correlation for the friction factor on the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger?

Are fin tubes necessary for steam heating a liquid?

What is condensate lift?

Is the NTU method a reliable means of measuring heat exchanger performance?

Why is a vacuum breaker used on shell and tube heat exchangers that are utilizing steam as the heating utility?

Where can I find a heat of dilution graph for sulfuric acid?

Can condensate control in a reboiler cause water hammer problems?

What type of heat exchangers are most commonly used for a large scale plant cooling loop using sea water as the utility?

How can one calculate how much steam will be required to heat water from one temperature to another?

What's the best way to control an oversized, horizontally oriented shell and tube steam heater?

How can I find the wet bulb temperature if I know the dry bulb temperature and the relative humidity?

What are some good estimates for heat transfer coefficients for coils in tanks?

What are some good estimates for overall heat transfer coefficients in shell and tube heat exchangers?

What is some good advice for specifying allowable pressure drops in shell and tube exchangers for heavy hydrocarbons?

What's the best way to operate/control a double pipe heat exchanger to avoid the vaporization of the cooling medium for high temperature duties?

How are plate heat exchangers used in an ammonia refrigeration system?

Are there any good shortcuts for estimating overall heat transfer coefficients?

How can one determine if their reboiler or vaporizer is operating in the mist flow region?

Where can I find a heat of dilution chart for sodium hydroxide?

What is a good method of minimizing shell side pressure drop in a shell and tube exchanger?

Is it ever advantageous to use shells in series even though it may not be necessary?

Where can one get a quick estimate on the size of a barometric condenser?