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Entries in June 2017
02 Jun Descriptive Comparison Between A Centrifugal And A Reciprocating Compressor 3 Comments
Entries in November 2016
19 Nov Pipeline Pig Launchers And Pig Receivers - Design Codes 6 Comments
Entries in July 2016
18 Jul Side Stream Filtration Rate For Cooling Towers 5 Comments
Entries in June 2016
23 Jun Power Recovery Turboexpanders - Shaft Power Available 0 Comments
04 Jun Determining Potential Natural Gas Liquids (Ngl) In A Natural Gas Stream 4 Comments
Entries in May 2016
14 May First Approximation Of Fuel Gas Consumption For Gas Turbine Driven Compressor Station 5 Comments
Entries in April 2016
08 Apr Solid-Liquid Mixing In Agitated Vessels (Just Suspended Speed) 6 Comments
Entries in March 2016
12 Mar In-House Software Validation - An Iso 9001 Perspective 3 Comments
Entries in February 2016
13 Feb Heat Transfer In Buried Liquid Lines (Stagnant Liquid) 9 Comments
Entries in January 2016
22 Jan Natural Gas Teg Dehydration Unit Troubleshooting 1 Comments
Entries in December 2015
14 Dec Heat Transfer In Buried Liquid Pipelines 2 Comments
Entries in November 2015
12 Nov Deoiling Hydrocyclones And Their Performance Prediction 11 Comments
Entries in October 2015
11 Oct Generalized Equation For Crude Oil Working Storage In Refinery Based On Various Factors 1 Comments
Entries in September 2015
04 Sep Distance Between Mist Eliminator Top And Vapor Outlet Nozzle For Vertical Separators 9 Comments
Entries in July 2015
29 Jul Pressure Drop In Fixed (Single Phase Tubular Packed) Bed Reactors 0 Comments
Entries in June 2015
19 Jun Zeolite Based Molecular Sieve Adsorbents In The Chemical Process Industry 5 Comments
Entries in May 2015
28 May Skid Mounted Modular Mini Crude Refining Units 1 Comments
Entries in April 2015
29 Apr Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient For Tank Heaters (Steam) Heating Hfo / Asphalt 5 Comments
Entries in March 2015
29 Mar Safety Integrity Level (Sil) Definition And Brief Explanation 3 Comments
15 Mar Nit Warangal, Department Of Chemical Engineering Golden Jubilee Celebrations 4 Comments
Entries in February 2015
18 Feb Requirement Of Adequate Ventilation In Process Areas 3 Comments
Entries in January 2015
04 Jan Don't Be An Engineer At The Expense Of Common Sense 5 Comments
Entries in December 2014
15 Dec Guidance Notes On Buried Piping 3 Comments
Entries in November 2014
08 Nov Determining Diesel Transfer Pump Capacity For Diesel Engines And Generators 2 Comments
Entries in October 2014
04 Oct Selection And Sizing Of Marine Loading Arms For Petroleum (Black / White Oil) Products 7 Comments
Entries in September 2014
08 Sep Flare Dispersion Analysis - Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) 4 Comments
Entries in August 2014
11 Aug Some Guidelines For Fixed Bed Ion Exchange Units And Forced Draft Degasifiers 3 Comments
Entries in July 2014
22 Jul Dielectric Constant Data Required For Guided Wave Radar Type Level Transmitters 6 Comments
03 Jul Rotary Screw Compressors - Discussion And Calculations 5 Comments
Entries in June 2014
06 Jun Technical Aspects Of Equipment Procurement 6 Comments
Entries in May 2014
15 May Managing Technical Information Exchange With Process Equipment / Package Vendors 9 Comments
Entries in April 2014
28 Apr Gas Boot Sizing Upstream Of Fwko Tanks 16 Comments
Entries in March 2014
04 Mar An Introduction To Corrosion Inhibitors 4 Comments
Entries in February 2014
04 Feb Uklpg (British) Code Of Practice For Safety In Bulk Lpg Storage 1 Comments
Entries in January 2014
26 Jan Design Equations For Venturi Scrubbers 16 Comments
07 Jan Hyperfocal Distance Calculator 2 Comments
Entries in December 2013
23 Dec Time Dependent Gas Release Through A Hole From A Pressurized Container 7 Comments
03 Dec Frequently Asked Questions (Faq) About Liquefied Natural Gas (Lng) 14 Comments
Entries in November 2013
14 Nov Pressure Drop Of Pseudo-Plastic Fluids In Pipes 2 Comments
01 Nov Branded Clothing And Accessories Versus Engineering Books & Journals 9 Comments
Entries in October 2013
07 Oct The Flip Side Of Engineering Standards And Practices 15 Comments
Entries in September 2013
23 Sep Design Guide For Sizing Vertical Oil Treaters 7 Comments
01 Sep Power Consumption Of Vacuum Pumps 13 Comments
Entries in August 2013
05 Aug An Introduction To The Concept Of Double Jeopardy In Process Safety 37 Comments
Entries in July 2013
28 Jul Guidelines For Fuel Gas Supply To Gas Turbines 3 Comments
13 Jul How To Write A Plant Operating Manual 8 Comments
Entries in June 2013
25 Jun Design Guidelines For Tank Truck Loading Terminals 2 Comments
02 Jun Natural Gas Pipeline Blowdown Time Calculation 12 Comments
Entries in May 2013
16 May Perforated Pipe Distributor Sizing Calculations 70 Comments
04 May Celebrities Outside The Engineering And Science Field With Engineering And Science Degrees 9 Comments

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