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After performing the experiment described below, I have the following questions regarding this experiment:1. What thermodynamic sign does activation energy (EA) have? What does this signify?2. The reaction did not start until the contents of the boiling tubes are mixed, is it because sulfuric acid acts as a catalyst in this experiment as it lowers the activation energy between the reactants and the products?3. What is the function of the methyl red in this experiment?

How is sulfuric acid produced on an industrial scale including reactants and reaction conditions?

How are olefins turned into polymers?

What is an oil refinery and what does it do?

What are some common chemical catalyst and how are they used in an industrial process? What kind of a difference do catalyst make in the overall economics of the industrial process, and what occupational hazards are associated with using the catalyst?

What is the Claus Process?

How much gasoline and other products can be produced from a barrel of crude oil?

How can ammonia or urea be used to reduce emissions in combustion gas streams?

How is hydrochloric acid (HCl) produced?

What are some uses for Manganese Chloride (MnCl2)?

What are the chief steps in ammonia synthesis?

How is citric acid produced on an industrial scale?

What is glucosamine and how is it made?

Are there any hydrometallurgical processes used to produce copper?

Are there any commercial routes to phenol other than the traditional reaction using cumene?

Can vinyl chloride monomers be produced directly from ethane?

How is precipitated calcium carbonate manufactured and what is it used for?

How does the Claus Oxygen-based Process Expansion work?

How is aluminum sulfate formed from bauxite?

Who devised a process in which sulfur is obtained from deep wells by the use of superheated steam and compressed air?

Can sulfuric acid be made from pyrite?

What salable products can be produced from hydrogen?

How is molybdenum produced?

Can you provide some information on the solubility of lithium nitrate?

What are some of the best sites on the internet for learning more about all aspects of sulfuric acid?