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How can the performance of a LPG caustic treatment plant be improved?

What are some methods of improving filtration in amine plants?

How can I reduce the solids content of FCC decanter oil?

What are some effective methods of locating coke plugging in a crude vacuum heater?

How can the LPG levels in dry gas be controlled in FCC plants?

How many different types of crude are there in the world?

How can I learn more about synthetic gasoline technology?

What are some good methods of spent FCC catalyst disposal or recycling?

What is the role of high efficiency spray nozzles in FCC plants?

What are some common processes or techniques used for reducing sulfur levels in FCC gasoline?

What is the role of catalyst coolers in the production of gasoline?

What is the pour point of API 10 crude oil?

Where can I find a good, basic introduction to the process of refining?

Where can I find refining capacity statistics for refineries worldwide?

A molten sulfur tank is emitting a foul odor. What kind of options are available for emission treatment for type of situation?

How can the higher heating values (HHV) for petroleum products be estimated from the specific gravity?

What is the significance of lubricity in diesel fuel?

What usually happens to benzene that is removed from gasoline during the refining process?

How can one reduce the FCCU slurry oil production in a refinery and how can one maximuze profits from a FCCU unit?

What are some common causes for pressure build up in the vapor space of a LPG storage vessel?

What are some common causes of tube rupture in a hydrogen plant steam reformer?

When is it necessary to use a pump that complies with API-610?

What is a good method of cleaning a crude tower?

What technologies are commonly employed to purify hydrogen from a reforming unit?

What types of options do refiners typically evaluate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions?