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How is hydrogen used in the refining industry and how is it produced?

How do you scrub or remove practically all of the gases and odors from sulfur degasing units before prilling sulfur?

How are the acids commonly found in petroleum streams removed?

Can molten sulfur pose a safety hazard in a sealed tank?

How can I clean a welded plate heat exchanger and prevent future problems in our reforming unit?

Where can I find information on resid processing?

Which is more economical, in-situ or ex-situ catalyst regeneration for a naphtha reformer?

How can I determine the hydrogen feed quantity required by a hydrotreater which regards to feed characterics and require output sulfur content?

What equipment or bottlenecks need to be examined if we wish to operate our refinery above its design capacity?

Appoximately how much does a 42 gallon barrel of oil weigh?

Where is cyanide generated in the refining process?

How do I remove the odor from kerosene?

Is there a good reference book pertaining to refining?

How can steam be utilized to reduce coking in crude furnaces?

What types of reactors are used in alkylation units?

Can kerosene be catalytically cracked?

What are the most common methods of cracking crude streams via a catalyst?

What are some special considerations for hydrogen transport lines exceeding three miles in length?

What is petroleum pitch?

What would be the effect of cracking about 10 % atmospheric gas oils blended with vacuum gas oils in the Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)?

What types of reactions are taking place during the steam reforming of naphtha?

What is a good journal and/or website dedicated to the hydrocarbon processing industry?

If a hydrogen line is laid beside a fuel oil line which is heat traced would it pose any hazard?

Where can I learn more about re-refining of used lube oils?

Are there any biologically based methods of removing sulfur from gasoline or diesel streams?