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What is the definition of the schedule number when referring to piping and fittings?

What is a common cause of getting water, solvents, or other liquid into inert purge lines?

For a neutralization reaction, how many tank turnovers are needed to obtain an accurate pH reading?

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning process equipment by cleaning-in-place (CIP)?

What is a good rule-of-thumb to determine when a particular application should utilize a metallic gasket rather than a non-metallic gasket?

What's a good method to clean a boiler?

Why is it important that the moisture content of natural gas be minimized?

What is an air knife?

What are some good methods of avoiding condensation in a compressor suction line?

What type of fasteners should be used with stainless steel piping?

What is the minimum required vent steam for a boiler feed water dearator?

Can air be used to properly conduct a leak test on a plant during commissioning?

Where can I find an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved metering pump?

When using a pumping loop to mix two miscible fluids in a tank, when can the content be consider well mixed?

Is there any way to repair a valve that is passing (leaking internally) without taking our process offline?

While there are many tests available to detect leaks on vessels, is there a technology available to quanitify the leak or measure the flow through a leak?

Where can I find a good online conversion program?

What is a good internet resource for information on process control?

What are some common causes of gas pipeline vibration (20" Carbon Steel line)?

Where can I find some details about applying and maintaining insulation on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) lines (cold application)?

What are some good uses of low grade steam at 12 atm and 1920C?

What is a good way to get started in doing a plant-wide steam consumption analysis?

Are there any general rules for flushing slurry lines?

How can I determine the proper pipe thickness for a slurry line?

What is the best way to handle bend or turns in slurry piping systems?